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About the blog

The author (Dorota Świątkowska)



I was born in Słupsk, fell in love with Szczecin, became a resident of Wales by chance (from where I was writing my blog for the first 10 years) and currently live in England. An environmentalist by education, I am a fulfilled mother of two teenage daughters, an incurable romantic already brought down to earth by life. I love baked goods, but only if they are home-baked. I collect cook books and do not like writing about myself...

About the blog

Initially, it was supposed to be a modern version of the old-fashioned recipe notebook full of notes that always went missing. Not necessarily with photos. The first photos were taken for Galeria Potraw, where nearly 7 years ago. I published my first recipe – Napoleon. It probably would not even have been noticed but for a debate regarding the cake’s name and its comparisons to a cream cake ;). And this is how it all started. Obviously a Napoleon cake recipe  had to be the first one on the blog...

Currently the blog is a collection of over 1200 recipes grouped in various categories, with contributions from readers sharing their experiences and giving advice. It is thanks to their support and involvement that ‘Moje wypieki’ (My cakes) was awarded the title of Blog of the Year 2008 in the ‘My hobbies and passions’ category (competition organised by onet.pl) whereas in 2010 I was named 'Blogger of the Year 2009' in the ‘Life’ category (competition organised by wiadomości24.pl).

About the first book

My first book, with the same title as my blog - ‘Moje Wypieki'’ (My cakes) had its premiere in April 2010. It is a collection of my own recipes and photos, which I compiled over three year of blogging. I am extremely proud of that accomplishment and I hope to carry on and continue creating new recipes. Publishing the book gave me wings...



Second book 

... and continuation of dreams coming true. "Moje Wypieki i Desery" (My cakes and desserts) – had its premiere on 23 October 2013!


In 2014 I published yet another cookbook titled "Moje Wypieki i Desery na każdą okazję" (My cakes and desserts for any occasion).

... along with a notebook for recipes!


Why do I continue to write a blog?

Because I love what I do. Working on the blog brings me loads of joy and satisfaction. I like to ‘infect’ others with my passion. I proved, especially to myself, that home baking does not have to be difficult and does not require a lot of skills. There are still so many recipes for me to try and so many things to learn...

In August 2012 the blog from mojewypieki.blox.pl was moved in its entirety to its new home at mojewypieki.com

Last but not least:

I am not interested in working with any culinary network, portal or another website. I also do not consent to any of my original photographs to be copied and used online or in any published material without my prior approval (Copyright and Related Rights Act of 4 February 1994).

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